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Password JDM Theft Proof Oil Cap

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Product Description

You guys must be really tired of the same old crap always happening at car shows or meets when you leave your car unattended. You are bound to get jacked whether it is oil cap, radiator cap or something. I know how it feels, its happened to us numerous times already. This is why I don’t do shows, I only do hoes. I can’t say that PasswordJDM has a solution for every part of this dilemma, but what I can say is that we just came out with the baddest Oil Cap for your tricked out JDM ride. It’s not just tamper proof, It’s theft proof! At least now you won’t have to worry about people stealing your oil cap. As for the rest of the car, get yourself a Pitbull.

Forget about people messing with your oil cap, they can’t steal this one. Hell, you gotta be hella strong to twist this one off with your bare hands. If you can take this oil cap off with your bare hands, you deserve to keep it. As a matter of fact, come on down to PasswordJDM and if you can twist it off one of our showroom cars, it’s yours! The PasswordJDM Theft Proof Oil Cap comes with a key just like the sick ass Racing Hart wheels back in the days. Without this key, all I can say is “GOOD LUCK!” It goes on just like any other oil cap, you torque it with the key and you’re done. Installs in less than 10 sec. with nothing more than just half a brain, we made this one so simple even Forrest Gump can figure it out.

Gets yours today, and now comes in all new finishes: Black, Silver Bronze, Blue, Purple, Green and Red. The key is only available in black. This is the last oil cap you will ever need to buy unless you misplace it… but definitely will not get stolen off your ride!

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